Solar Power by Esmay Electric
Experts in solar system installation, Solar Power by Esmay Electric is the only authorized distributor in Mohave County and Parker, Ariz., for SunPower® Solar Systems - the world leader in solar power technology and energy production.

Esmay Electric has specialized in quality residential and commercial wiring in Mohave County since 1979, and has more experience in solar system installation than any electric contractor in the area.

If you are planning on converting to solar energy, Esmay Electric can promise you quality service at competitive prices.

Featured in Havasu Living Magazine

Spring 2013 Edition

In 1979, Greg Esmay started Esmay Electric, Inc. and built it into the successful business it is today. Since 1979, Esmay Electric has wired everything from single family homes, apartment buildings, condos, office buildings, banks, retail buildings, warehouse and storage buildings, restaurants, breweries, mechanic shops, airport hangars, schools, pools and solar electric systems.

The level of expertise increased in May of 2007, when Greg hired David Ade to be Esmay Electric's superintendent. Dave has 40 years of electrical experience and a Masters Electrician certificate from Nevada.

In January of 2008, when construction began to decline, Greg did some research and found a new direction for his construction-oriented company. After checking into it, solar power seemed to be the perfect fit for both his electrical business and Lake Havasu City. With that direction in mind, Greg and Dave started their education by taking a number of solar electric classes. They knew the importance of learning all they could about this new venture. Between Greg, Dave and Greg’s brother Doug, there is over 110 years of electrical experience.

At the same time, Greg also started searching for the top-rated solar module manufacturer. In October of 2008, Greg and Dave found SunPower was the #1 rated module manufacturer, and they applied to become a SunPower dealer. Esmay Electric was successful in becoming an authorized SunPower dealer in February 2009. With that, Greg and Dave began taking numerous other classes that were offered by SunPower, most of them mandatory, to comply with SunPower's strict requirements, and other classes to gain an even higher level of excellence in solar electric design and installation.

In 2010, Esmay Electric was rewarded for their great work ethic and superior performance when SunPower raised their status up to a SunPower Premiere Dealer. In 2011, they were rewarded when SunPower again raised the status. This time they became a SunPower Elite Dealer, which is SunPower's highest level of dealership.

In August of 2011, SunPower came out with a residential lease option had made solar electric affordable for everyone. In the 15 months following the availability of the lease option, Esmay Electric installed solar electric in over 180 residences and seven commercial jobs with an impressive amount of over two megawatts of electric power installed in only 15 months.

All jobs handled by Esmay Electric are done in-house. This includes the application process for the Unisource Electric Utility Rebate, system design, drawing, engineering, permits, installation and wiring of a “turnkey' solar electric system.

As a supporter of the community, Esmay Electric is a member of the Lake Havasu Chamber of Commerce, the Parker Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Colorado River Building Industry Association. They are also proud sponsors of many community charitable activities and events.

Esmay Electric would be happy to install a solar electric system for your house or commercial building. Call them before you decide who installs your solar electric system. You will be glad you did.