About SunPower® - Leader in Solar Technology (view .pdf)

SunPower® is the world leader in solar power technology and energy production, producing up to double the energy for the same solar panel surface area. The panels are warranted for 10 years to produce at least 90% of their rated wattage and warranted for 25 years to produce 80% of their rated wattage. Plus, SunPower® is the only company offering a 10-year manufacturers’ workmanship warranty on the solar modules, which are durable, sleek and beautiful.

SunPower® has the largest number of installations in North America – including homes, commercial sites and utilities. They have installed more systems in California homes over the last two years than any other provider.

A SunPower® residential solar systems use the same technology found in large commercial and utility-scale systems – the same technology that still performs on cloudy or rainy days and for longer hours every day.

Their unique combination of record-breaking technology and comprehensive customer service make SunPower® the trusted choice for businesses like Wal-Mart, Johnson & Johnson and PG&E, and thousands of homeowners just like you.

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