We are beyond pleased with our new solar installation and Solar Power by Esmay Electric’s proposal, contract and completion ahead of schedule. Esmay delivered 100 percent professionalism, workmanship and quality product. Upon inspection, Unisource was so impressed, they are considering using our panel arrangement in their brochures. Be sure your contractor is licensed and reputable.”
Elaine B.
We had purchased a system from another contractor, 18 months before and it wasn’t performing as well as the dealer said it would. Esmay corrected all the problems with the other system, got it working efficiently and added enough panels to get our electric bill to almost zero! Call Solar Power by Esmay Electric first, they are a reputable company and we couldn’t be more satisfied. ”
Joan and Don G.
Call Solar Power by Esmay Electric and get the current information without feeling any pressure to sign up for an installation. They are nice guys and do great work. The best part is saving $213 per month – our last two bills were $8 and $11.”
Archie H., Jr.
If you will be in your home for more than 10 years, solar power makes good sense.”
Gene D.
We decided to invest in a solar electric system because it is a way to control the escalating costs of electricity. Let Solar Power by Esmay Electric evaluate your electricity usage and potential benefits of solar. The best part of our decision is watching the old electric meter run backwards. Thanks for a very good planning effort and very high quality installation.”
Chuck and Marie H.
We decided to invest in a solar electric system because we wanted to reduce our dependence on foreign energy. The best part is the satisfaction of producing power from the abundance of (Arizona) sun. Solar Power by Esmay Electric did quality work”
Roger S.